Abbreviations list

Some Important abbreviation List which is very effective for various kinds of competitive examinations and viva-voce and specially for BCS and Admission test.

Abbreviation list for BCS and competitive Exam


Abbreviations list


Click on a letter to see the abbreviations beginning with that letter.

Abbreviation List:  B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P  R S T U V W Z


Abbreviation List – N


NCO = Non-Commissioned Officer
NAM = Non Aligned Movement
NAP = North Atlantic Pact
NEC = National Economic Council
NBC = National Broadcaeting Corporation (of USA)
NCNA = New China News Agency
NCO = Non Commissioned Officer
NAP = National Awami Party
NAPE = NationalAcademy of Primary Education
NATAB = National Anti-Tuberculosis Association of Bangladesh
NBR = National Board of Revenue
NCC = National Cadet Corps
NCB = Nationalized Commercial Bank
NGO = Non Government Organization
NICAR = National Implementation Committee for Administrative Reorganization
NID = National Immunization Day
NEAP = National Environment Action Plan
NIEC = New International Economic Cooperation
NORAID = Norwegian Agency for International Development
NSCN = National Socialist Council of Nagaland
NTBT = Nuclear Test Dan Treaty
NIEAER = National Institute of Educational Administration Extension & Research
NIPA = National Institute of Public Administration
NIPSOM = National Institute of Preventive and Social Medicine
NIT = National Investment Trust
NMCI = National Mass Communication Institute
NMBW = National Minimum Wages Board
NASA = National Aeronautical and Space Administration
NATO = North American Treaty Organization
NWPC = National Wage Productivity Commission
NAFEN = Near Add Far East News
NAFA = North American Free Trade Agreement
NOC = No Objection Certificate / National Olympic Committee
NSI = National Security Intelligence (of Bangladesh)

Nah. = Nahum (in the Bible)
n. = noun
N. = north, northern
N. Afr. = North Africa(n)
N. Amer. = North America(n)
Narr. = narrative
Narrat. = narrative
Nat. = natural
Nat. Hist. = natural history
Nat. Philos. = natural philosophy
Nat. Sci. = natural science
Naut. = nautical
Nav. = naval
Nav. = navigation
Navig. = navigation
N. Carolina = North Carolina
N. Dakota = North Dakota
N.E. = north-east, north-eastern
Neh. = Nehemiah (in the Bible)
Neighb. = neighbour(s), neighbourhood
Nerv. = nervous
Neurol. = neurology, neurologic(al)
N. Irel. = Northern Ireland
No. = number
nom. = nominative
north. = northern (dialect)
Norw. = Norwegian
Norweg. = Norwegian
Notts.   Nottinghamshire
Nov. = November
Num. = Numbers
Numism. = numismatics
N.W.  =  north-west, north-western
N.Y. = New York
N.Z. = New Zealand


Abbreviation List – O


OAP = Organization of Arab Petroleum
OAS = Organization of American States
OC = Officer in Charge / Officer Commanding
OCAB = Overseas Correspondent Association of Bangladesh
OFDA = Office of US Foreign Disaster Assistance
OIC = Organization of Islamic Conference
OANA = Organization of Asia-Pacific News Agency
OAU = Organization of African Unity
OCR = Ordinary Common Resource
OCAS = Organization of Central American States
OECD = Organization of Economic Cooperation and Development
OECD = Organizational for Economic Corporation and Development
ORT = Oral Dehydration Treatment
OPEC = Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries
OUP = Oxford University Press

Obad. = Obadiah (in the Bible)
Obed.  = obedience
obj. = object, objective
Obj. = object(s)
Observ. = observation(s)
Obstet. = obstetric(s)
Oceanogr. = oceanography, oceanographic(al)
Oct. =  October
obl. = oblique
obs. = obsolete
Obs. = obsolete
OE = Old English (in dates)
O.E.D. = Oxford English Dictionary
Off. = official, office
Offic. = official
Ophthalm. = ophthalmology
Ophthalmol. =  ophthalmology, ophtalmologic(al)
opp. =  opposed (to), the opposite (of)
Oppress. = oppression
Org. =  organic
Org. Chem. =   organic chemistry
Orig. = original
Orkn. = Orkney
Ornith.  = ornithology
Ornithol. = ornithology, ornithologic(al)
Orthogr. = orthography
Oxf. =  Oxford
Oxon.   = Oxfordshire


Abbreviation List – P


PC = Personal Computer
PP = Public Prosecutor / Project Profile
PP = Public Prosecutor
PO = Post Office
PM = Prima Minister
PAA = Pan American Airways
PAEC = Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission
PDPA = Peoples Democratic Party of Afghanistan
PFLP = Popular Front of the Liberation of Palestine
PIA = Pakistan International Airlines
PIN = Postal Index Number
PIN = Personal Index Number
PIN = Personal Identification Number
PLA = Palestine Liberation Army
PLF = Palatine Liberation Front
PLO = Palestine Liberation Organization
PNA = Pakistan National Assembly
PTI = Press Trust of India
PWD = Public Works Development
POW = Prisoner of War
PPP = Pakistan Peoples Party

P.P. = passive participle, past participle
Paraphr. = paraphrase, paraphrased
Parl. = parliament, parliamentary
pass. = passive(ly)
Path. = pathology, pathologic(al)
perf. =  perfect
Perf. =  perfect, perfection
Periodontol. =  periodontology, periodontologic(al)
Pet. = Peter (in the Bible)
Pharm. = pharmacology
Pharmaceut. = pharmaceutical
Pharmacol. = pharmacology, pharmacological
Phil. = philosophy, philosophic(al)
Phil.      = Philippians
Philad.  = Philadelphia (in the Bible)
Philem. = Philemon (in the Bible)
Philipp. = Philippians (in the Bible)
Photogr. = photography, photographic(al)
phr. =   phrase
Phys. = physiology
Physiol. = physiology, physiologic(al)
pl. = plural
Pol. =   politics, political
Pol. Econ. =  political economy
Polit. = politics, political
Polytechn. = polytechnic(al)
Port. = Portuguese
poss. = possessive
Pott. =  pottery
P. R. = public records
pref. = prefix
Pref. =  preface
Preh.    prehistoric
Prehist. = prehistory, prehistoric
prep. = preposition(al)
Prerog. prerogative
pres. = present
Pros. = prosody
prov. = proverb(ial)(ly)
Prov. = proverb
Ps. = Psalms (in the Bible)
pseudo-arch. = pseudo-archaic
pseudo-dial. =  pseudo-dialect
Psych. = psychology
Psychoanal. = psychoanalysis
Psychoanalyt. = psychoanalytic
Publ. = public
Publ. = publication
Psychol. = psychology, psychologic(al),
psychopathologic(al), psychopathology,



Click on a letter to see the abbreviations beginning with that letter.

Abbreviation List:  B  C  D  E F  G H I  J K L M  N O P   R S  T U  V W Z



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