Abbreviations list

Some Important abbreviation which is very effective for various kinds of competitive examinations and viva-voce and specially for BCS and Admission test.


Abbreviation list for BCS and competitive Exam


Abbreviation list


Click on a letter to see the abbreviations beginning with that letter.

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Abbreviation List – J


JCC = Junior Cadet Corps

JCO = Junior Commissioned Officer

JETRO = Japanese External Trade Organization

JBC = Jibon Bima Corporation

JCC = Junior Cadet Corps

JCO = Junior Commissioned Officer

JMBA = Jamuna Multipurpose Bridge Authority

JRC = JointRiver Commission

JS = Jatiyo Sangsad

JTC = Jute Trading Corporation

JU = Jahangirnagar University

JUCSU = Jahangirnagar University Central Students Union


Jam. = James (in the Bible)

Josh. = Joshua (in the Bible)

Jas. =   James (in the Bible)

Jer. =   Jeremiah (in the Bible)

Jud. =   Judges (in the Bible)

Judg. = Judges  (in the Bible)

Jul. =    July

Jun. =   June

Jun. =   junior

Jan. =   January

Jap. =   Japanese

joc. = jocular(ly)

Jrnl. =   journal

Jrnls. = journals

Jurispr. = jurisprudence

Justif.    = justification

Justific. = justification


Abbreviation List – K


KDA = Khulna Development Authority

KRC = Karnafully Rayon Complex

KPI = Key Point Installation

KDP = Kurdistsn Dumocratic Party

KUNA = KuwaitNews Agency

KWP = Kurdistan Workore Party

K. = king

Kent. = Kentish

Kgs. =  Kings (in the Bible)

King’s Bench Div. = King’s Bench Division

Kingd.  = kingdom

Knowl. = knowledge


Abbreviation List – L


LGED = Local Government and Engineering Department

LIFB = Loans International Foundation of Bangladesh

LNG = Liquefied Natural Gas

LPG = Liquefied Petroleum Gas

LBW = Leg Before Wicket

LAFTA = Latin American Free Trade Association

LASER = Light Multiplication by Stimulated Emission of Radiation

LBW = Leg Before Wicket

LDG = Least Development Counties

LEPS = Licentiate of the Faculty of Physicians and Surgeons

LIF = Lions International Federation

LLB = Bachelor of Lew

LMF = Licentiste Medical Faculty

LMT = Local Mean Time

LTTE = Liberation Tigers Tamil Elam


Lond. = London

LXX = Septuagint

L. = line

Lab. = laboratory

Lam. = Lamentations (in the Bible)

Lament. = Lamentations (in the Bible)

Lev. = Leviticus (in the Bible)

Lament = lamentation

Lanc.    = Lancashire

Lancash. = Lancashire

Lancs.  = Lancashire

Lang.    = language

Langs.  = languages

Lat. = Latin

Ld. = Lord

Lds. = Lords

Lect. = lecture(s)

Leechd. = leechdom

Leg. = legend(s)

Leics. = Leicestershire

Let. = letter

Lett. = letters

Lex. = lexicon

Libr. = library

Limnol. = limnology

Lincolnsh. = Lincolnshire

Lincs. = Lincolnshire

Ling. = linguistic(s)

Linn. = Linnean

lit. = literal(ly)

Lit. = literary, literature

Lithogr. = lithography

Lithol.   = lithology

Liturg.  = liturgy

lOE =  late Old English (in dates)


Abbreviation List – M


MBA = Master of Business Administration

MOO = Marylebone Cricket Club (of England)

MDF = Main Distribution Frame

MDS = Master of Dental Surgery

MEA = Multi-Fibre Agreement

MEd = Master of Education

MEDO = Middle East Defense Organization

MEED = Microbial Ecology Evolution Desce

MENA = Middle East News Agency

MIE = Member of Institute of Engineering

MISA = Maintenance of Internal SecurityAct (of India)

MLF = Moro National Liberation Front

MNT = Multi National Trade

MO = Money Order

MRBM = MediumRange Ballistic Missile

MROAO = Multi Role Combat Air Craft

MRCP = Member of the RoyalCollege of Physician

MROS = Member of the RoyalCollege of Surgery

MRTPC = Monopolyend Restrictive Trade Practices Commission

MRV = Multi Re-entry Vehicle

MWN = Muslim World News

MAP = Medical Assistance Programme

MBA = Master of Business Administration

MBBS = Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery

MCH = Maternity Health Centre

MCCI = Metropolitan Chambers of Commerce and Industries

MDG = Millennium Development Goals

Med = Master of Education

MES = Military Engineering Service

MIE = Member of Institute of Engineering

MNA = Member of National Assembly

MO = Money Order

MOPT = Ministry of Post and Telecommunication

MPA = Mongla Post Authority


Manuf.  = Manufacturing, Manufacture(s)

Mach. = Machinery, Machine(s)

Mag. = Magazine

Magn. = Magnetism, magnetic

Man. = Manual

Managem. = Management

Manch. = Manchester

Manip. = Manipulation

Mar. = March

Masc. = Masculine

Math. = Mathematics, Mathematical

Meas. = Measure

Miscell. = miscellany

mispr.   = misprinted

mod.    = modern

Measurem. = Measurement

Mech. = Mechanics, Mechanical

med. = medieval

Med.    = medicine, medical

Medit.  = meditation

Mem.   = memoir(s)

Merc.   = mercury

Merch. = merchant(s)

Metall.  = Metallurgy

Metallif. = metalliferous

Metamorph. = metamorphosis

Metaph. = metaphysics

metaphor. = metaphorical(ly)

Meth.   = method(s)

Mex. = Mexican.

Mich.   = Michigan

midl. = midland(s) (dialect)

Mus.    = museum

Myst.   = mystery

Myth. = mythology

Mil. = military

Milit.    = military

Min. = mineralogy

Mod. = modern

MS. = manuscript

MSS.   = manuscripts

Munif.  = munificence

Munim. = monument

Mus.    = music, musical

Monum. = monument

Morphol. = morphology

Mt. = mount(ain)

Mtg. = meeting

Mts.     = mountains

Munic.  = municipal

Mineral. = mineralogy, minaralogic(al)

Metallogr. = metallography, metallographic(al)

Meteorol. = meteorology, meteorologic(al)

Misc.    = miscellaneous, miscellany

Microbiol. = microbiology

Microsc. = microscopic(al)

Metrop. = metropolitan, metropolis


Click on a letter to see the abbreviations beginning with that letter.

Abbreviation List:  B  C  D  E  F  G H I  J K L M  N O P  R S  T U  V W Z


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