Abbreviations list

Some Important abbreviations list which is very effective for various kinds of competitive examinations and viva-voce and specially for BCS and Admission test.


Abbreviations list for BCS and competitive Exams


Abbreviations list


Click on a letter to see the abbreviations beginning with that letter.

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Abbreviation List – R


R. = royal

R.A.F.  Royal Air Force

R.C. = Roman Catholic(ism)

RU = Rajshahi University

R.N.     Royal Navy

RMS = Railway Mail Service

RADAR = Radio Detection and Ranging

RAB = Rapid Action Battalion

RDB = Rural Development Board

RAS = Royal Asiatic Society

RMA = Royal Military Academy

REB = Rural Electrification Board

RDRA = Regional Director of the Railway Administration

RCSB = Royal Commonwealth Society for the Blind

RRI = River Research Institute

RUCSU = Rajshahi University Central Students Union

RSFSR = Russian Soset Federated Socialist Republic

R.C. Church =  Roman Catholic Church

Reb. =  rebellion

Rebell.  = rebellion

Rec. = record(s)

Recoll. = Recollection

Ref. = reference

Ref. = reformation

Refl. =  reflection(s)

Reg. =  register

Regist. = register

Rel. =   relating

Rept. = report

Repub. = republic

Res. = research

Ret. =   return

Rev. = review

Rich. = Richard

Rom. = Roman

Revol. =  revolution

Rhode Isl. = Rhode Island

Rom. = Romans (in the Bible)

Rom. Antiq. = Roman antiquities

Relig. = religion, religious

Russ. = Russia, Russian


Abbreviation List – S


SAARC = South Asian Association for Regional cooperation

SACEP = South Asian Cooperative En’Aronmental Programme

SAF = South Asien Federation (Games)

SAIC = SPARC Agricultural Information Centre

SALT = Strategic Arms Limitation Talks

SAM = Surface to Air Missile

SAPTA = South Asian Professional Trade Agrrengement

SCF = Save the Children Fund

SCIAF = Scottish Catholic International Aid Fund

SCMRC = Societyfor Care and Education of Mentally Retarded Children

SCONE = Societyfor Conservation of Nature end En’Aronment

SEADO = South East Asian Defense Organization

SEANWFZ = South EestAsien NucleerWeepons Free Zone

SEARCA = South EsstAsian Regional Centre forAgriculture

SEATO = South East Asia Treaty Organization

SETI = Search for Extra Terrestrial Intelligence

SNAPE = Supreme Headquarters of Allied Powers in Europe

SID = Societyfor International Development

SIDA = Swedish International Development Agency

SLBM = See Lunched Ballistic Missile

SLCM = Submarine Lunched Cruise Missile

SLMC = Sri Lanka Muslim Congress

SNc = Supreme National Council

SPA = Saudi Press Agency

SPARRSO = Space Research and Remote Sensing Organization

SPCA = Societyfor the Prevention of Crueltyto Animals

SPCC = Societyfor the Prevention of Crueltyto Children

SRAAM = Short Range Air to Air Missile

SRAM = Short Range Attuck Missile

SSM = Sorfece to Surface Missile

SSR = SosetSocialistRepublic

START = Strategic Arms Reduction Talks

SUPARCO = Space and Upper Atmosphere Research Committee

SWAPO = South West Afncen People Organization

s. = south

S. = south, southern

S.T.S. = Scottish Text Society

SS.  = saints

St.  = Saint

St. = street

S. Afr. = South Africa(n)

Sat. = Saturday

Sax. =  Saxon

Sc. =    Scottish, Scots

Scand. = Scandinavia, Scandinavian

S. Carolina = South Carolina

Sch. = school

Sci. = science(s), scientific

Scot. = Scottish

Scotl. = Scotland

Sculpt. = sculpture

S. Dakota = South Dakota

s.e. = south-eastern (dialect)

S.E. = south-east, south-eastern

Sel. = selected

Sept. = September

Serm. = sermon(s)

Sev. = several

Shakes. = Shakespeare

Shaks. = Shakespeare

Sheph. = shepherd

sing. = singular

Soc. =  society

Sociol. = sociology, sociological

Song of Sol. = (in the Bible) Song of Solomon

Song Sol. = (in the Bible) Song of Solomon

Sonn. = sonnet

south. = southern (dialect)

Span. = Spanish

spec.  = specifically

Spec.  = special

Spec. = specimen(s)

Staffs. = Staffordshire

Stand. = standard

Stat. = statistical

Statist. = statistical

St. Exch. = stock exchange

Struct. = structure, structural

Stud. =            studies

sub. =  subject

subord. = subordinate

subord. cl. = subordinate clause

Subscr. = subscription

Subscript. = subscription

suff. = suffix

superl. = superlative

Suppl. = supplement, supplementary

Suppress. = suppression

Surg. = surgery, surgical

Surv. =  survey, surveying

s.v. =   sub verbo, ‘under the word’

s.w. =  south-western (dialect)

S.W. = south-west, south-western

syll.  =  syllable


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Click on a letter to see the abbreviations beginning with that letter.

Abbreviation list:  B  C  D  E  F  G H I  J K L M  N O P   T U  V W Z



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