Abbreviations list

Some Important abbreviations list which is very effective for various kinds of competitive examinations and viva-voce and specially for BCS and Admission test.


Abbreviations list for BCS and competitive Exams


Abbreviation list


Click on a letter to see the abbreviations beginning with that letter.

Abbreviations List:  B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P  R S T U V W Z


Abbreviation List – G


GPO = General Post Office
GSB = Geological Survey of Bangladesh
GPF = General Provident Fund
GAB = General Agreement of Borrow
GARP = Global Atmospherical Research Programme
GATT = General Agreement of Tariff s and Trade
GCC = Gulf Islamic Council
GCF = Greatest Common Factor
GCE = General Certificate of Education
GDP = Gross Domestic Product
GEP = Guaranteed Express Post
GDI = Gender-related Development Index
GDP = Gross Domestic Product
GEMS = Global Environment Monitoring System
GMT = Greenwich Mean Time
GSTP = Global System of Trade Preference
GKP = Ganges Kobadak Project
GSP = Generalized System of Preference
GOTA = Gazetted Officer Training Academy

Gal. = Galatians (from the Bible)
Gaz. = gazette
gen. = general(ly)
gen. = genitive
Gen. = general
Gard. = garden, gardening
Gen. = (in the Bible) Genesis
Geo. = George
Geog. = geography
Glos. = Gloucestershire
Gram. = grammar
Gt. = great
Gynaecol. = gynaecology
Gloss. = glossary
Gosp. = gospel(s)
Gov. = government
Govt. = government
Geogr. = geography, geographic(al)
Geol. = geology, geologic(al)
Geom. = geometry, geometric(al)
Geomorphol. = geomorphology
Gramm. Analysis = grammatical analysis


Abbreviation List – H


HC = High Commission
HBFC = House Building Finance Corporation
HBRI = Housing and Building Research Institute
HCF = Highest Common Factor
HDC = Human Development Centre
HIV = Human Immune Deficiency Virus
HPSP = Health and Population Sector Program
HSTTI = Higher Secondary Teacher’s Training Institute
HWM = High Water Mark
HMV = His Master’s Voice
HMV = His Master Voice (Gramophone Company)
HPI = Human Poverty Index
HDB = Horticulture Development Board
HMV = His Master’s Voice
HPAE = High Performing Asian Economics

Hab. = (in the Bible) Habakkuk
Hag. = (in the Bible) Haggai
Hos. = (in the Bible) Hosea
Heb. = (in the Bible) Hebrews
Hebr. = (in the Bible) Hebrews
Haematol. = haematology
Hants. = Hampshire
hist. = historical
Hist. = history, historic(al)
Histol. = histology, histologic(al)
Hom. = homilies
Horol. = horology
Hort. = horticulture, horticultural
Hosp. = hospital
Hydraul.= hydraulic
Hydrol. = hydrology, hydrological
Heb. = Hebrew
Hen. = Henry
Her. = heraldry
Herb. = herbalism
Hierogl. = Hieroglyphic
Hampsh. = Hampshire
Handbk. = handbook


Abbreviation List – I


IBM = Institute of Business Management
IAAF = International Amateur Athletic Federation
IAC = Indian Airlines Corporation
IACR = International Agency for Cancer Research
ICB = Investment Corporation of Bangladesh
ICOP = Inter Ministerial Committee On Privatization
IDB = Islamic Development Bank
ICDDR,B = International Centre for Diarrhea Disease Research, Bangladesh
ICTVTR = Islamic Centre for Technical and Vocational Training and Research in Bangladesh
ICVD = Institute of Cardio Vascular Disease
IDA = International Development Association
IDLC = Industrial Development Leasing Company
IFIC = International Finance Investment and Commerce
IGP = Inspector General of Police
IATA = International Air Transport Association
IBA = Institute of Business Administration
IBE = International Bureau of Education
IBF = International Badminton Federation
IBMC = International Business Machine Corporation
IBRD = International Bank for Reconstruction and Development
ICAA = International Civil Aviation Authority
ICAO = International Civil Aviation Organization
ICBM = Inter-Continental Ballistic Missile
ICBP = International Council for Bird Protection
IISS = International Institute for Strategic Studies
IIEP = International Institute of Educational Planning
IIT = Islamic Institute of Technology
IPGMR = Institute of Post Graduate Medicine and Research
IRO = Industrial Relation Ordinance
IRDP = Integrated Rural Development Programme
ICC = International Cricket Council
ICC = International Crime Court
ICDA = International Coalition for Development Action
ICDDR = International Centre for Diarrhoeal Disease Research
ICEF = International Children Emergency Fund
ICFTU = International Confederation of Free Trade Unions
ICHR = Institute of Child Health and Research
ICJ = International Court of Justice
ICMR = Indian Council of Medical and Research
ICPD = International Conference on Population and Development
ISIC = International Standard Industrial Classification
ISSB = Inter Service Selection Board
ITI = Islamic Technical Institute
IWTA = Inland Water Transport Authority
IWTC = Inland Water Transport Corporation
IADB = Inter American Development Bank
IAEA = International Atomic Energy Agency
IAGA = International Aid Giving Agency
IAIB = International Association of Islamic Bank
IAO = International Aviation Organization
IAPA = International Airlines Passenger Association
IAPH = International Association of Ports and Harbors

Isa. = Isaiah (in the Bible)
Illustr. = illustrated, illustration(s)
Imag. = imaginary, imagination
imit. = imitative
Immunol. = immunology
Ichth. = ichthyology
Icthyol.= icthyology
Ideol. = ideology, ideological
Ind. = India(n)
ind. = indicative
ind. = indirect
Ind. = industry
indef. = indefinite
indic. = indicative
indir. = indirect
Industr. = industrial
Industr. Rel. = industrial relations
infin. = infinitive
infl. = influenced
Infl. = influence
Innoc. = innocence, innocent
Inorg. = inorganic
Inq. = inquiry
Inst. = institute, institution
instr. = instrumental
Introd. = introduction, introductory
Inv. = inventory, inventories
Invent. = invention(s)
Invent. = inventory, inventories
Invertebr. = invertebrate, invertebrated
Invert. Zool. = invertebrate zoology
Investig. = investigation
Investm. = investment
Invoc. = invocation
Ir. = Irish
Ital. = Italian
Instr. = instruction
int. = interjection
Intell. = intelligence, intelligent
Intellect. = intellectual
Interc. = intercourse
interj. = interjection
Interl. = interlude
Internat. = international
Interpr. = interpretation
interrog. = interrogative
intrans. = intransitive
Intro. = introduction


Click on a letter to see the abbreviations beginning with that letter.

Abbreviation List:  B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P  R S T U V W Z


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