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Man has an unquestionable thirst to know the unknown and to see the unseen. Thereby, he or she gathers general knowledge in various topics. Once there was a time when a man only did it to fulfill his/her curiosity but today one has to do it to build up his professional career. In this recent days, most of the countries of the world, specially in the country like Bangladesh, general knowledge is an important topic to justify once ability. Various types of questions are arrange in general knowledge quiz question in MCQ methods and candidates are to choose the correct option from the alternatives.

In the employment of jobs, general knowledge quiz question plays a role not only to choose the best ones for his / her particular jobs but also to force the candidate some how to widen the area of once knowledge. In the exam of govt. employments like BCS general knowledge is a topic of question both in preliminary and written exams.

However, not only in the field of employments but also in the field of admission in university, general knowledge is option of question, and compulsory subject.

So keeping these issues in mind, I have collected a huge number of important general knowledge quiz question in this general knowledge quiz question with answer section to help you in your attempt to be succeeded in life. So enjoy…….

I have created this section only for that students who want to know general knowledge for the purpose of taking part in various kinds of competitive examinations like BCS, admission test, Job seekers etc. 
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So carry on…..

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  1. […] General knowledge is very important for all kinds of competitive exams. I have collect this general knowledge for the help of those student who are searching general knowledge on sports. I know, General Knowledge on recent news on sports are avail avail on various kinds of books and newspapers of Bangladesh. But It is very rear general knowledge on basic. On regarding this I have collect some important questions on history of sports. Specially I have write for the exam of BCS general knowledge, admission test, job questions and viva voce. […]

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