Abbreviations list

Some Important abbreviations list for all students specially for BCS and Admission test.

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Abbreviations list


Abbreviation list – C

c. = century
C. = county, counties
CA = Chartered Accountant
CACM = Central American Common Market
CARE = Cooperative for American Relief Everywhere
CAA = Civil Aviation Authority
CAB = Consumers’ Association of Bangladesh
C&AG = Controller & Auditor General
CDB = Cotton Development Board
CDS = Central Depository System
CDRB = Centre for Development Research of Bangladesh
CARICOM = Caribbean Community and Common Market
CASTASIA = Conference of the Application of Science and Technology Asia
CAT = Computerized Axial Tomography
CATC = Commonwealth Air Transport Council
CBI = Central Bureau of Investigation
CBS = Columbia Broadcasting System
CCA = Commission for Conventional Arms
CD = Compact Disk
CDIAC = Carbon Dioxide Analysis Center
CEDAW = Convention for the Elimination of all monitoring Discrimination Against Women
CMLA = Chief Martial Law Administrator
CMN = Common Market Nations
CMO = Chief Medical Officer
CNAC = China National Aviation Corporation
CNN = Cable News Network
CNS = Chief of Naval Staff
CNS = China News Service
CCIE = Chief Controller of Import & Export
CO = Commanding Officer
COMEX = Commonwealth Expedition
COMSAT = Communication Satellite Corporation (of USA)
CPA = Commonwealth Parliamentary Association
CDA = Chittagong Development Authority
CEC = Chief Election Commission
CEM = Country Economic Memorandum
CEPZ = Chittagong Export Processing Zone
CHTDB = Chittagong Hill Tracks Development Board
CID = Criminal Investigation Department
C in C = Commander in Chief
CNG = Compressed Natural Gas
CMA = Controller of Military Accounts
CMH = Combined Military Hospital
CMLA = Chief Martial Law Administrator
CMO = Chief Medical Officer
COP = Combined Opposition Party
COTA = Civil Officers Training Academy
CPA = Chittagong Port Authority
CPC = Civil Procedure code
CPD = Centre for Policy Dialog
CPF = Contributory Provident Found
CPI = Consumer Price Index
Cr PC = Criminal Procedure Code
CSD = Central Storage Depo.
CENTO = Central Treaty Organization
CFTC = Commonwealth Fund for Technical Cooperation
CGS = Centimeter Gram Second (Unit of Metric System)
CIA = Central Intelligence Agency (of USA)
CIDA = Canadian International Development Agency
CIEC = Conference on International Economic Cooperation
CIRDAP = Centre on Integrated Rural Development for Asia and Pacific
CISCO = Council for Islamic Socio-Cultural Organization
CMEA = Council of Mutual Economic Assistance
CMH = Combined Military Hospital
CSIR = Council of Scientific and Industrial Research
CWASA = Chittagong Water Supply and Sewerage Authority
CPU = Commonwealth Press Union
CPU = Central Processing Unit
CSIRO = Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization
CSP = Civil Service of Pakistan
CTBT = Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty
Calend. = calendar
Calif. = California
Camb. = Cambridge
Cambr. = Cambridge
Campanol. = campanology
Canad. = Canadian
Cal. = calendar
Calc. = calculus
Canterb. = Canterbury
Capt. = captain
Cartogr. = cartography, cartographic(al)
Catal. = catalogue
Catech. = catechism
Certif. = certificate
Ch. = Church
Chamb. = chamber
Char. = character
Charac. = character
Chas. = Charles
Chem. Engin. = chemical engineering
Chem. = chemistry, chemical
Chesh. = Cheshire
Ch. Hist. = Church history
Chr. = Christian
Chr. = (in the Bible) Chronicles
Chron. = chronology, chronicle
Chron. = (in the Bible) Chronicles
Chronol. = chronology
Chrons. = chronicles
Cinematogr. = cinematography, cinematographic(al)
Circ. = circle
Civ. Law = civil law
Civil Engin. = civil engineering
cl. = clause
Cl. = club
Clin. = clinical
cogn. w. = cognate with
Col. = colonel
Col. = (in the Bible) Colossians
Coll. = collected, collection
Coll. = college
collect. = collective(ly)
Collect. = collection
colloq. = colloquial(ly)
Colloq. = colloquies
Coloss. = (in the Bible) Colossians
Com. = common
Compar. = comparative
Compend. = compendium, compendious
Conf. = conference
Conf. = confession
Confut. = confutation
conj. = conjugation
cons. = consonant
Crim. = criminal
Crim. Law = criminal law
Crit. = critical
Crit. = criticism
Crt. = court
Ct. = count
Ct. = court
Cath. = Catholic
cent. = century
Cent. = central
Cent. = century
Ceram. = ceramics
Cert. = certificate
Com. = commission
Comb. = combination(s)
Comm. Law = commercial law
comp. = comparative
comp. = compound, composition
Comp. = companion
Comp. = company
Compan. = companion(s)
Comp. Anat. = comparative anatomy
compar. = comparative


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Click on a letter to see the abbreviations list beginning with that letter.

Abbreviations:  B  C  D  E  F  G H I  J K L M  N O P  R S  T U  V W Z


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