Islam is the complete code of life.

Islamic life peaceful life, For this reason it is called Model Life. ‘Model’ has the Arabic synonym ‘Uswa’. ‘Model’ signifies that what can be copied, imitated, followed in such matters as mannerism, rules and regulations etc. ‘Ideal life’ or ‘Ideal for life’ are generally those lives of great men which if followed would render man’s total life decent and successful. Hazrat Muhammad (Sm.) the last and final Prophet and Messenger of Allah is the best model for our Life.


Islamic Life

As Allah the Most High says- “Surely, there is for you the best model in the life of Rasuhillah (S.)” . (Sura: Al-Ahzab, Ayat: 21)

Besides this, the excellent qualities of those great men who earned glory as noble men by following the path of the holy Prophet (S.) and who inspired and encouraged mankind for the right path are also our ideals.

Two traits characterize such lives. Such as, a) Positive (Acceptable) qualities and b) Negative (erect able) qualities.

Among the acceptable and positive qualities some are enumerated as under: a) a happy combination of honesty, faithfulness, liberality, forbearance, b) Self-control, benevolence, charity, sympathy, tolerance, humility and tenderness. c) Discipline, mutual amity, impartiality, forgiveness, justice etc.

Among the erect able and negative traits some are :- a) Absence of jealousy, hatred, instinct, murder, superstition, b) Avoidance of pomp and grandeur, fraud, cheating, back-biting and falsehood and c) To be free from intolerance, factionalism, communalism, injustice, oppression, rape including all kinds of sexual promiscuity, obscenity, impudence and all other unbefitting and evil traits.


Now Read some Ideal life of Islam and try to build up a ideal Islamic Life.


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