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The Future Tense?

What is Future Tense? A verb that refers to Future Time is to said to be in the Future Tense. The Future Tense describe an action in the future time. as- 1. I shall...

What is Tense?

Tense. The soul of English Language.   Tense is very important for learn English. It is impossible to learn English without tense. So every student should learn tense very well. In this complete lesson...
English Grammar

What is English Grammar

Lets we know about English grammar The older idea of Grammar and its origin. The word “Grammar” originated from the etymology of  Greek  “gramma”, writing, a letter, and from an effort to build...

English Grammar in English

Welcome to English Grammar section Grammar is a part and parcel of a language. It is very important aspect and element of a language. Grammar helps us to use the language in...


Importance of physical education in daily life

Physical education has a great role to keep fit our body. It maintains and develops good co-ordination between body and mind. Any kind education is not complete without physical...

What is Science?

Sports Knowledge