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The Present Tense

What is Present Tense?   A verb that refers to Present Time is to said to be in the Present Tense. The Present Tense describes an action in the present time. as - I go,...

The Past Tense

What is Past Tense? The Past Tense describe an action in the Past time. or, A verb that refers to Past Time is to said to be in the Past Tense. as – I...

English Grammar in English

Welcome to English Grammar section Grammar is a part and parcel of a language. It is very important aspect and element of a language. Grammar helps us to use the language in...

A list of Synonyms or Similar words

For learning a language grammar and word is essential.  SYNONYMS SIMILAR WORDS is very important to know for applying appropriately. Every Language has a huge number of words like SYNONYMS/SIMILAR WORDS...


Branches of Science

Branches of Science It has become possible to get solutions of many problems of matter and animal through experiments, observation and research. The periphery of...

Historical World


What is Knowledge?