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We cannot imagine the modern civilization without science. Because Our modern civilization is a wonderful gift of science. Science has contributed immensely to human civilization. With the help of science we have obtained colossal knowledge about the universe and great power to control the environment. Science and technology have enabled us to provide plenty of food, housing and long healthy life to all. What is Science has given us new things, information about source of energy, and has set up quickest communication and transportation. Scientific inventions and technological innovations have been changing man’s lifestyle and outlook everyday. Some wonderful inventions of modern science and technology are- satellite, space craft, artificial heart transplantation, gene technology, transistor & computer; atomic energy and use of solar energy.

So Lets we try to Explore the World of Science

Science and Technology is an integral part of our every day life. We use various kinds of tools and techniques for different purposes, We do mot think for a single moment, how they work? We observe a number of things happening around us. But have we ever thought of the reasons . In fact we all know some amount of science but true meaning of science is to internalize the Method of Science and apply it in our day to day life. Let us explore the World of Science to know more.


What is Science

What is Science

Scientific Method of Working.

Branches of Science.


Explore the World of Science

1. Physics
2. Chemistry
3. biology
4. Astronomy
5. Earth Science
6. Science and Technology